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Prenatal Tips to Avoid Formula Dependence

Episode 14 is filled with insider tips from me (a Labor & Delivery Nurse & IBCLC).

Preeclampsia - Everything You Need To Know With Dr. Crystal Berry-Roberts

Preeclampsia is a serious health problem for pregnant women around the world.

Baby Formula...All The Things You Want to Know About Choosing Baby Formula

I'm not sure how many of you know this but, I came into lactation land with a personal history of having a difficult birth and breastfeeding experience.

Baby Toots, Poop, Spit-up, and Food Allergies

Is your baby constantly crying, won’t sleep, has major spit-up or weird poop?

Overcoming a Rocky Start to Breastfeeding with Ashley Woole

High Blood pressure, unplanned C-section, meconium aspiration, tongue tie, lip tie, reflux, postpartum hospital re-admission, and oversupply.... OMG.

How to Find the Right Midwife for You

I started to learn a little bit more about midwives when I had the opportunity to work along side them in the hospital.

Branding and Marketing For the Budding Birth Worker

When I started Milk Diva, almost three years ago, I was almost paralyzed by fear and had no idea where I should focus my resources.

Recovering from a C-section and Lose the Belly Fat Without Doing Sit-ups!

Ever wonder if there's a way to actually prepare for a C-section???? Or how to plan for recovery from a C-section?

Why Would a Baby Need a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Dr. Aurelie Petitclerc is a brilliant speaker, practitioner, mother and wife (whose husband I think secretly works for the CIA….gotta listen to the podcast to know why I think this:).

Inductions: The Stuff No One Tells You About

What an Induction is and things you may not know about it


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