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Where to start?

Schedule a functional assessment with a Lactation Consultant (for a breastfeeding infant) or Feeding Therapist (for older or non-breastfeeding infants).

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Follow your consultant’s recommendations for 1-3 weeks. If feeding issues persist, consider asking your consultant or therapist for a referral for a tongue/lip tie evaluation with Dr. Poplin DMD.

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Call Dr. Poplin’s office to schedule evaluation for frenectomy (*insider tip…consider adding your baby to your dental insurance before they are 30 days old).


If frenectomy (tongue/lip tie release) is performed, return to your Lactation Consultant or Feeding Therapist within 2-7 days for oral therapy.

*Skipping this step may significantly delay progress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my baby need a referral to see Dr. Poplin?

In order to ensure we provide the most accurate and comprehensive assessment and recommendations, we require any infant older than two weeks to have a functional feeding evaluation before scheduling an appointment with Dr. Poplin.

The consultants at Milk Diva can help provide this service. Visit

Can my baby have the procedure done on the same day as evaluation?

For best results, we recommend following the steps listed above. Working with a lactation consultant or feeding therapist first, can great minimize the risk of feeding and lactation complications (such as re-attachment, oral aversion, low milk supply, breast refusal).

Is vitamin K required before my baby can have a frenectomy?

If your baby is less than 2 weeks old Vitamin K is required in to have a frenectomy. This helps to protect your baby from excessive bleeding.

How long will the procedure take?

The procedure takes just a few minutes.

What happens during my tongue/lip tie evaluation appointment with Dr. Poplin?

A Milk Diva lactation consultant will spend approximately 15 minutes assessing and evaluating your individual concerns and questions. She will also provide hands-on education on proper post-procedure care in order to reduce the risk of re-attachment.

Dr. Poplin will then evaluate your baby and provide a plan of care for your baby. He will discuss risks and benefits of his recommended care plan.

If it is appropriate, the release (aka frenectomy) can be performed the same day. We highly encourage breastfeeding immediately after the procedure and provide a quiet, comfortable nursing room with a cozy couch and nursing pillow for your comfort.

Will my baby be getting anesthesia for the procedure?

We do not use anesthetic for babies. Topical anesthetics have a black box warning for infants and should not be used. Local anesthesia (a shot) could be used, but that has risks as well. Dr. Poplin believes these risks outweigh the benefits. The procedure usually takes less than a few minutes including time to take before and after pictures. As soon as the procedure is done, you can feed your baby.

How much pain will my baby experience after the procedure?

Our adult patients describe the pain after a frenectomy to feel like a pizza burn which lasts for 48-72 hours.

Do you accept insurance?

For breastfeeding insurance information please click here.

For frenectomy insurance information please be sure your infant is on your DENTAL plan. To learn more visit:

​​​​​​​Disclaimer: Milk Diva receives no compensation in any form when referring patients to any provider. Our referrals are solely based on our commitment to providing the best care and achieving the best outcomes for our patients. We do not have any financial or vested interests in any specific providers or institutions. Our recommendations are made with the sole intention of guiding patients to the most suitable and effective healthcare options available. At Milk Diva, our primary concern is the well-being and satisfaction of our patients, and we strive to maintain the highest standards of integrity and transparency in our referral process.