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Advanced Lactation Care

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Our education is where it starts.

Our specialized support gets the entire family through the journey.

Breastfeeding may be easy for some families and very complex for others. Each baby is different and we understand the process can be overwhelming and confusing. Milk Diva is here to equip families to meet their breastfeeding goals. By instilling expert education, technique and confidence, Milk Diva comes alongside families to nurture and nourish our future generation.


We want to help you get breastfeeding right--from the start

Why Milk Diva?

Milk Diva approaches breastfeeding from a whole baby and whole parent perspective. We tailor each consultation to meet the individual goals of each family. 

In addition to providing help with positioning, latching and weighing your baby, we also perform a complete structural and functional assessment of the infant's body and oral anatomy. This approach helps to effectively prevent or successfully overcome the root cause of breastfeeding challenges.

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Congratulations! We are so glad you are here—and no, it’s not too early to think about breastfeeding. In fact, we see the greatest success with parents who start their breastfeeding journey before that big day!

3 steps to getting breastfeeding right -- the first time:

Begin your breastfeeding journey with confidence


Pre-schedule now

Pre-schedule your initial consultation. Select a date that is about 1 week after your due date (our Milk Divas often book out 2-3 weeks ahead). 



Take our award-winning online prenatal courses. You will gain confidence with the latest, evidenced-based information on birth & breastfeeding.


Get your free guide

Be sure to download our free survival guide to avoid common breastfeeding pitfalls.

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Meet the Divas

Compassionate. Evidence-Based. Judgement-Free.

With nearly 40 years of combined lactation experience, and over 100 hours of in-person, hands-on training in tongue-tie management, our team brings unique, individuals strengths to meet the needs of the families we serve.

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lactation consultant

Naiomi Catron, RNC-OB, IBCLC


Tongue Tie   Pre-term Infant

Infant Weight-loss

Teet & Pacifier Selection

Complex Maternal Health Conditions

Gas/ Colic Management

Milk Supply    Breast Surgery Metabolic Conditions

Flange Fitting    Back to Work

TOTS Training IBCLC Masterclass_edited.png
lactation consultant

Mary Kay Rybiski, BSN, RN, IBCLC


Tongue Tie   Special Needs

Pre-term Infant

Infant Weight-loss

Choosing Formula

Milk Supply    Bottle Refusal

Breast Surgery    Tummy Time

Teet & Pacifier Selection

Flange Fitting    Back to Work

TOTS Training IBCLC Masterclass (1)_edited.png
lactation consultant

Christen R. Bettis, LMT,


Tongue Tie   Pre-term Infant

Infant Weight-loss

Teet & Pacifier Selection

Choosing Formula

Gas/ Colic Management

Transition to Solids

Bottle Refusal    Nursing Strike

Flange Fitting    Back to Work

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TOTS Training IBCLC Masterclass (1)_edited.png

Katie Tims, CLC


Tongue Tie   Milk Supply

Infant Weight-loss

Teet & Pacifier Selection

Gas/ Colic Management

Over Supply

Prenatal    Choosing Formula

Flange Fitting    Back to Work


 "Finding Naiomi at Milk Diva has been one of the greatest treasures of my new motherhood journey! She has helped me (and my baby) to find success and much greater comfort with breastfeeding.

She is all the things you want in a lactation professional (knowledgeable, safe — you know, the whole pandemic thing, experienced, etc.), plus she’s kind, funny and great to be around! You feel like you’re having a friend, who’s also an expert, help you with the many challenges that breastfeeding can entail.”

— Rena

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