Our Team

Naiomi Catron


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Naiomi, the founder and owner of Milk Diva Lactation Services, is dedicated to educating parents to nurture, nourish, and empower future generations through breastfeeding. Her goal is to instill confidence in parents as they embark on this significant and bonding experience with their child. With her background as an award-winning Labor & Delivery Nurse and Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Naiomi navigates the certainties and uncertainties of lactation, providing expert guidance. 

Dr. Stephanie Gessner


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Dr. Stephanie Gessner, our exceptional chiropractor, embarked on a remarkable journey fueled by a personal experience with a neck injury from horse-back riding. This transformative event sparked her exploration of the profound benefits of chiropractic care, leading her to become a dedicated advocate for holistic well-being.

Dr. Brittany Guelzow


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Embark on a wellness journey with Dr. Brittany Guelzow, our extraordinary Pediatric and Prenatal Chiropractor! Dr. Britt is a caring healer, devoted cat mom, and an all-around enthusiast (with a cheerleading past that adds a dash of cheerfulness). Originally hailing from Chicago, she found her home in Austin back in July 2019.

Isabel Price


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Isabel, a highly skilled lactation consultant, has assisted thousands of mothers on their breastfeeding journey. Her own experiences enable her to empathize and understand the challenges faced by new mothers. Being bilingual in Spanish and English allows her to provide support and guidance to a diverse range of mothers.

Katie Tims


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With trained expertise, personal breastfeeding experiences, and a passion for education, Katie offers customized and flexible lactation care for parents on their infant feeding journey. Her interest in becoming a lactation consultant stemmed from successfully advising struggling breastfeeding peers.



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Lindsay brings an impressive 18 years of nursing and lactation experience to our team, with a career spanning various roles, all focused on the well-being of moms and babies. Beginning as a nursery nurse and advancing to the critical role of a NICU nurse, Lindsay has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to nurturing and supporting families during their most vulnerable moments. Her journey led her to become a Lactation Consultant, where she passionately contributes her expertise both in in-patient and outpatient settings.

Morgan Seip


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Morgan joins our Milk Diva Team as a compassionate and dedicated International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), bringing with her five years of invaluable experience as a doula. Her journey in the lactation field has been shaped by a diverse background that includes hospital settings, pediatrics, and home visits. Through these experiences, Morgan has honed her skills in providing unwavering support to families at every stage of their breastfeeding journey.