Baby Formula...All The Things You Want to Know About Choosing Baby Formula

So I'm not sure how many of you know this but, I came into lactation land with a personal history of having a difficult birth and breastfeeding experience.

First name / Friend,, for years I felt embarrassed that I fed my babies formula (along with breastmilk) and as I learned more about human lactation, my embarrassment changed to anger 😫 and frustration.

And this is why…..

I wish my provider would have mentioned breastfeeding problems are common and can be overcome most effectively, if you work with a lactation consultant within the first few weeks after birth.

I also wish there would've been a simple place to learn how to select the best formula for my baby, instead of feeling shame 😞 about giving my baby nutrients from a lab 🔬…

….And just in case you didn't know, claims made by formula companies, about how awesome their formula is, is not reliable….that's one of the reasons they are involved in several lawsuits at the moment.

So back to my train-wreck of a breastfeeding story….I triple-fed (yes I breastfed, bottle-fed then pumped) for nearly 3 months 🤯…I don't recommend anyone do this….and my milk supply never increased (for other medical reasons).

Anyway, I just want to prevent as may people from this self-defeating experience as possible.

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In this week's Birth, Babies & Boob Business by Milk Diva, podcast episode…

baby formula

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Bridget Young, Doctor of Perinatal Nutrition and creator of the Confidently Find the Best Baby Formula for Your Unique Angel course, and I asked her all the things! Dr. Young is a pediatric nutritionist who conducts academic research in human milk composition. She has worked with countless families working through formula tolerance issues, helping them find the perfect feeding solution for their baby.

➡️ Now please keep in mind I recorded this before the national formula recall but we do touch on some formula safety concerns.

➡️ Listen to Episode 11 and learn all the things I wish I knew about helping a parent or friend, select the right formula for their baby on my Podcast, Birth, Babies & Boob Business by Milk Diva!

And if you or someone you know needs more specific help selecting a formula for their baby, the Lactation Consultants at Milk Diva, have additional one-on-one training with Dr. Young and we would be glad to help!