Are Pacifiers Really The Devil

I know as a new parent we want to get all the things right…..but there are so many things to know and so much conflicting information!!

In this two-part series, our Birth, Babies, and Boob Business Podcast by Milk Diva podcast will outline the pros & cons of pacifier use.

We will also discuss when and how to use a pacifier along with some insider business tips from the Founders and Inventors of the Ninnico pacifier. Joy and Jane are sisters who started the Ninnico brand to fill a need they had in their own life and the Ninni pacifier has been a hit with so many parents, Speech professionals, and Dentists…..can you believe?!

are pacifiers really the devil? podcast cover

Joy & Jane even spend a little extra time with us and share a few business tips to help those of us who are juggling parenthood and entrepreneurship.

So if you want to be ahead of the curve and learn the real do's & don'ts of pacifier use, make sure you listen to part one AND two.

And Spoiler Alert….not all pacifiers are created equal. Very very few pacifiers are endorsed by dentists or speech-language therapists and this episode touches on why.