Prenatal Breastfeeding Prep

Mommy’s Milk Masterclass: Your Breastfeeding Roadmap from Hospital to Home $10**

Welcome to the Mommy's Milk Masterclass: Your Roadmap from Hospital to Home Webinar, where we'll unveil little-known secrets that only an experienced Labor & Delivery nurse and Lactation consultant would know. Breastfeeding can feel overwhelming for new moms, but worry not; we are here to provide gentle guidance for a successful transition.

In our live group webinar, you'll gain essential knowledge and practical tips to prepare for a rewarding breastfeeding journey. Our expert insights will cover crucial topics, such as ensuring your baby gets enough nourishment, managing breastfeeding challenges, and addressing any discomfort. Learn how to navigate early arrival situations and avoid bottle preference while choosing the best feeding and pumping equipment.

Additionally, discover new recommendations for managing engorgement and valuable tips to increase your milk supply. We'll also debunk common myths surrounding bottles, pacifiers, and formula, ensuring you feel confident and well-prepared.

Join us for this nurturing and empowering masterclass, and be equipped with the wisdom to nurture your baby with love and confidence. Reserve your spot now and embark on the path to successful breastfeeding from hospital to home.

We can't wait to share these precious secrets with you!

Topics covered:

  • How to know your baby’s getting enough to eat

  • How much milk should your baby eat

  • What to do if your baby is too sleepy to latch

  • What do to if breastfeeding hurts

  • How to manage breastfeeding when baby arrives early

  • How to prevent bottle preference

  • Tips to help you select the best feeding & pumping equipment

  • How to manage engorgement (there are new recommendations)

  • Tips to increase milk supply

  • Myth Busting- Bottles, pacifiers & Formula Breast milk storage and preparation