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Get Started With Your Lactation Education Choose from One of Milk Diva's Online Courses 

Understanding Birth e-Class

Our online childbirth class is ideal for those expectant parents who can’t attend an on-site childbirth class due to work schedules, time constraints, or medical conditions.

The eight-chapter program is an interactive, web-based class that uses videos, personal birth stories, animations, activities, and games to teach all the essential information parents need to know to prepare for their birth.

Our Online Childbirth Class Will Help You:

  • Understand pregnancy – what’s happening to your body, discomforts, warning signs, nutrition, exercise, and more

  • Learn about labor – preparing for birth, pre-labor signs, onset of labor, 3D animation of labor process, and more

  • See how the stages of labor unfold – watch amazing real-life birth stories

  • Discover helpful comfort techniques – breathing, relaxation, massage, visualization, focal points, hydrotherapy, labor and pushing positions,  advice for partners , and more

Understanding Breastfeeding e-Class

This class alternative is for couples who prefer learning in the comfort of their own home and at their own pace or for couples who are on bed rest or who have scheduling conflicts. This interactive program includes videos and illustrations that provides couples with the skills that are essential to an informed breastfeeding experience. 

Get A Jump Start On Your Success



Milk Diva believes by starting your lactation education before the birth of your baby puts you in a better position to achieve your breastfeeding goals. Outlined below are our recommendations to get started on your journey to success.  Our goal is to  give you the confidence to go it alone.


        A Confident Mom   =  Can Meet Her Breastfeeding Goals

"Most mothers and couples know they should take hospital tours and child-birthing classes….but birthing only takes 1 day…..breastfeeding takes a lot more time than 1 day. Milk Diva wants to set women up for success by providing exceptional education and tools before they are in crisis mode."


-Naiomi Catron, RNC-OB

Laction Consultant

Milk Diva Founder

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