Recovering from a C-section and Lose the Belly Fat Without Doing Sit-ups!


Ever wonder if there's a way to actually prepare for a C-section???? Or how to plan for recovery from a C-section?

Or did you have an unplanned C-section and don't know where to begin??


In this episode of the Birth, Babies & Boob Business by Milk Diva podcast we talk about cesarean section birth recovery, specifically how to get back in shape and regain core strength with our special guest, Rachel Pratt, who is a certified health coach, and personal trainer.

2:15 How Rachel got into the c-section recovery space 6:08 Rachel's Credentials and Background 9:40 When to start exercising, nutrition, getting back in shape 15:31 Difference between the planned and unplanned csection recoveries 18:59 Rachel's Facebook group and her different offerings 19:40 Free Webinar - Sharing 3 things your doctor didn't tell you (nutrition, conversation, and fitness) 22:00 What would Rachel tell a newly c-section mom to assure her that her stitches won't pop open 23:00 How to properly get up (in the hospital) and why Rachel doesn't recommend sit ups for c-section moms.

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MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Please know that all opinions expressed on this podcast are solely my own and not intended to substitute the advise of a medical provider. I am not a medical doctor and all information shared is intended for your general knowledge and is geared towards full term, healthy singleton infants and healthy, low-risk pregnant or postpartum women.