Navigating Breastfeeding with Allergies: Insights from The Boob Business Podcast Episode 29


Welcome back to The Boob Business Podcast by Milk Diva, and we're excited to dive into the latest episode, Episode 29. In this enlightening installment, we are joined by a true expert in the field, Dr. Trill Paullin. A molecular biologist and a devoted mother of two beautiful daughters, Dr. Paullin's journey into the world of breastfeeding with allergies is nothing short of inspiring. Her story resonates with countless parents who have faced the challenges of infant food reactivity, a condition that can make breastfeeding a complex path to navigate.

Dr. Trill Paullin: A Mother's Journey

Dr. Paullin's own experience is at the heart of her mission to help other parents. Her two daughters had severe reactions to proteins transferred from her diet to her breast milk, a revelation that filled her with both concern and determination. Like any caring parent, she wanted the best for her children, and the thought that she could inadvertently harm them through breastfeeding was undoubtedly painful.

However, Dr. Paullin's response to this challenge is what truly sets her apart. She embarked on a journey of research and discovery, seeking answers to the questions that had arisen. In her quest to find ways to produce breast milk her daughters could properly digest, she discovered a shared experience – many parents were navigating the same troubled waters.

Free to Feed: Empowering Parents

Armed with her newfound insights and a profound desire to help others, Dr. Paullin founded "Free to Feed." This initiative was born from her own experience, the need for comprehensive research, the desire for accessible resources, and a yearning to provide support to parents who, like her, were grappling with infant food reactivity.

Through Free to Feed, Dr. Paullin has created a space where parents can find the answers they seek. It's a haven for those who may feel overwhelmed by the complexities of breastfeeding with allergies, a source of guidance for the countless mothers and fathers who yearn to navigate this challenging journey.

Episode 29: A Source of Hope and Knowledge

In Episode 29 of The Boob Business Podcast, Dr. Trill Paullin joins us to share her wealth of knowledge and experiences. Her journey as a molecular biologist, her role as a devoted mother, and her mission to empower parents facing infant food reactivity all converge to provide a deeply insightful and empathetic perspective on the subject.

Listeners will gain not only practical tips but also a sense of hope and reassurance. Dr. Paullin's story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the determination of a mother's love. Her insights into identifying common allergens, understanding allergic reactions, and modifying one's diet are invaluable.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone currently navigating the complexities of breastfeeding with allergies or those who wish to be well-prepared should they face this challenge. It equips parents with the tools needed to preserve the beauty of their breastfeeding relationship while safeguarding their baby's health.


Dr. Trill Paullin's journey from a mother facing the perplexing challenge of infant food reactivity to a leading figure in the field is a testament to the strength of a parent's love and the power of knowledge. Her dedication to creating Free to Feed and her role in Episode 29 of The Boob Business Podcast illustrate her unwavering commitment to empowering parents facing similar challenges.

We invite you to listen to Episode 29 and discover the wealth of knowledge and inspiration shared by Dr. Trill Paullin. Her story reminds us that, even in the face of adversity, parents can find solutions, seek support, and continue to nurture their baby's health and happiness.

The Boob Business Podcast by Milk Diva is committed to supporting you on your breastfeeding journey. Stay tuned for more informative and inspiring episodes as we explore the myriad aspects of this beautiful experience.