How to Find the Right Midwife for You

Until very recently, I had no idea what a Midwife really did 🀫…? The only real picture I had was a scene from the British show called, Call the Midwives. I just really couldn't put my finger on how care from a Midwife could fit in the 21st century. And don't get me started on trying to figure out what all the letters behind their names mean!?…LPM, CNM, LM 🀷🏻‍♀️..

I started to learn a little bit more about midwives when I had the opportunity to work along side them in the hospital (I'm a Labor & Delivery Nurse) but I was still confused about why there are different kinds of midwives and didn't understand the difference between home birth midwives and hospital midwives. Anyway, I figured it was time to put my big girl pants πŸ‘– on and sit down to get the answers to all these questions so I could help properly inform parents. And man! Midwifery has evolved so much from the 1940's image I had stuck in my head. They still offer personalized visits (sometimes in your home) and take time getting to know you and your family (sometimes upwards of 45-60 mins!) each visit, but they can do soooo much more (including labs πŸ§ͺ and ultrasounds)!

Listen to this week's TWO-PART interview with Denise Washington, Founder of Delivering Unto You, to learn about your options! This is a great episode to share with a pregnant friend…because its always good to know your options.

Here's a little break down of what's in this episode:

  • What's the difference between LPM, CPM, CNM?

  • How to select a Midwife

  • Is there an alternative to that sugary drink to test for diabetes while pregnant?

  • Supporting Birth Equity

  • Can ‘high risk' people have a midwife?

I've also listed a few resources if you want to learn about birthing options & support for people of color.
  • Delivering Unto You

  • Black Mammas ATX

  • Queendom Birth & Photographer

  • Mama Sana Vibrant Woman


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MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Please know that all opinions expressed on this podcast are solely my own and not intended to substitute the advise of a medical provider. I am not a medical doctor and all information shared is intended for your general knowledge and is geared towards full term, healthy singleton infants and healthy, low-risk pregnant or postpartum women.