Holy $!#@, how can I be 5 months pregnant?!!

How this Couple Mastered the Art of Prepping for a Baby in Less Than Four Months


Wow! The first few months of this year have really shot off like a 🚀 rocket! Lots of lovely lactation clients, continuing education, kids sports (yes they stack up all their sports for this winter/spring), caring for my pregnant labradoodle 🐶 and a short and delicious vacation in the middle of this.


I try to plan things in order to prevent pure chaos & anarchy in my house… …

😵 Now imagine you are going about your normal life with your partner… work, exercise, meal prep, hanging with friends, and 💥 BAM…. You find out you are FIVE MONTHS PREGNANT🤰🏻!!!

But you say, ‘how?…I have an IUD..wait.. what?! We weren’t planning on having kids…wait.… how in the world am I going to be ready for a baby in less than four months? …. in the middle of a pandemic?!’

Well this is exactly what happened to one of my clients! You just have to hear how Eliza and her partner, Jeremy the ➡️ DUDELA, went from zero baby info to birth center birth, breastfeeding boss is less than four months. 💯

In this weeks Birth, Babies & Boob Business by Milk Diva, podcast episode…

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Here’s a little break down of what’s in this episode:


00:03:01 A positive pregnancy test

00:10:15 Deciding to go to a birth center and Jeremy branding himself a “dudela”

00:12:01 Preparing for the arrival of their baby: the first step

00:23:09 Having a feeding plan and support

00:24:05 Why Jeremy thinks Naiomi is an angel

00:27:52 Their first lactation consultation

00:36:02 Paced feeding and how it made a huge difference

00:42:10 How the Boob-ffet helped sleeping though the night

00:46:28 Feeding positions

00:50:40 The importance of scheduling a lactation consultation

00:53:35 Why you should develop a feeding plan

00:58:44 What Eliza wish she or other people knew about breastfeeding


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