Episode 34 - Meds & Milk: Understanding Medications and Breastmilk with Dr. Wadley



In our latest podcast episode, we featured an exclusive interview with Dr. Andrea Wadley, a distinguished Board-Certified Pediatrician & Breastfeeding Medicine Physician. Dr. Wadley shares invaluable insights on a variety of topics crucial for breastfeeding mothers, including taking pain relievers while breastfeeding, the effects of medications on breast milk, and the impact of herbal supplements on milk supply.

Episode 34:

During the podcast episode, Dr. Wadley delves into the complexities of balancing medication use while breastfeeding. She provides practical advice on the safety of medications such as pain relievers and discusses specific medications that breastfeeding mothers should avoid to ensure the well-being of their babies.

Moreover, Dr. Wadley sheds light on the effects of prescription medications on breast milk and offers valuable tips on minimizing any potential risks to the baby. Her expertise in breastfeeding medicine shines through as she addresses common concerns and provides evidence-based recommendations to empower breastfeeding mothers in making informed decisions about their health.

Additionally, Dr. Wadley discusses the impact of herbal supplements on milk supply and quality, highlighting important considerations for breastfeeding mothers seeking alternative remedies. Her insights provide clarity on navigating the use of herbal supplements while breastfeeding, ensuring the safety and well-being of both mother and baby.

In conclusion, our latest podcast episode featuring Dr. Andrea Wadley offers invaluable insights for breastfeeding mothers navigating the complexities of medication use. Dr. Wadley's expertise and compassionate approach provide reassurance and guidance to breastfeeding mothers, empowering them to make informed decisions about their health and the well-being of their babies.

Connect with the Expert:

For those seeking further guidance on breastfeeding medicine and pediatric care, connect with Dr. Andrea Wadley at:
Instagram: @onetwentysevenpediatrics
YouTube: Breastfeeding 127 Pediatrics
Website: 127 Pediatrics

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