Episode 33: Savoring Solids: Navigating the World of Infant Nutrition




In the latest podcast episode, Naiomi delves into the fascinating world of infant nutrition, sharing insights from her newfound expertise as an Infant Nutrition Counselor. With a surge in questions from families about introducing solids, she embarked on a journey to find the best ways to navigate this crucial stage of a baby's development. She seamlessly weaves personal experiences with the recent recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) on infant nutrition, adding a layer of relevance to her newfound knowledge.


Episode 33- Exciting Announcement: Baby's First Bites Course

The podcast takes an exciting turn with Naiomi’s announcement of the "Baby's First Bites: Intro to Solids and Nutrition Roadmap'' online course. Aimed at parents with babies between three and six months old, the course promises to provide supreme confidence in navigating the journey of introducing solid foods. 


Listeners are treated to valuable tips, including the four milestones indicating a baby's readiness for solids, the significance of communication during feeding, and the gradual transition from breast milk or formula to solid foods by 12 months.

Soft Launch and Exclusive Access

Naiomi provides a sneak peek into the course, highlighting a soft launch on February 27 exclusively for those on the waiting list. The course promises a deep dive into topics like supplements, baby-led weaning vs. purees, preventing choking, and much more.

Get Ready for a Nutrient-Rich Journey

Whether you're a parent-to-be, in the midst of introducing solids, or simply curious about infant nutrition, this podcast episode and upcoming course offer a wealth of information. Embrace the journey of nourishing your little one with confidence, armed with the latest recommendations and expert insights.