Episode 32: Beyond the Perfect Parenting Guide: Real Talk on Raising Kids


In this heartfelt and candid episode, Naiomi takes a departure from the usual format to share some reflections and wisdom gained from her journey of motherhood. With her eldest son on the brink of graduating high school and heading off to college, Naiomi delves into the lessons she wishes she had known as a new mom.

Episode 32. The Basics Matter Most:

Naiomi emphasizes that amid the myriad of parenting advice, the fundamental needs of a baby are simple yet crucial. Love, security, and nurture take precedence over the latest gadgets or meticulously planned schedules. She urges new parents to focus on the essentials, reassuring them that if these are in place, they're already fulfilling 95% of what their baby needs.

Embrace the Marathon:

Reflecting on her early days of motherhood, Naiomi shares a valuable piece of advice: parenting is a marathon, not a sprint. She acknowledges the pressures she placed on herself, especially regarding breastfeeding, and recommends seeking external guidance if parenting decisions are causing undue stress.

Choose Joy Over Perfection

Naiomi shares a poignant moment when she realized the importance of doing things for the joy they bring, rather than expecting gratitude from her children in the future. She urges parents to question whether their actions will bring them joy and fulfillment, as children may not always express gratitude immediately.


Naiomi advises against making decisions out of fear, emphasizing that parenting decisions based on fear rarely lead to positive outcomes. She leaves listeners with a gentle reminder to cherish the moments with their little ones and to find comfort in the fact that love, safety, and nurture are the foundations that truly matter.

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