Episode 31: Beyond the Snip: Navigating Tongue Ties and Oral Health for Little Ones


In the latest episode of "The Boob Business Podcast," join Dr. Poplin, a distinguished pediatric dentist, and lactation consultant Naiomi as they dive into the intricate world of tongue ties in babies. This engaging conversation sheds light on the crucial connection between pediatric dentistry and lactation, unraveling the complexities to ensure optimal oral health for the little ones.

Episode 31: The Journey Begins

In Episode 31, listeners are treated to a candid conversation that goes beyond theoretical discussions. From the challenges parents encounter to the solutions offered by timely frenectomies, this episode serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding and addressing tongue ties in babies. Dr. Poplin and Naiomi share real-life stories, demystifying common misconceptions and emphasizing the significance of early intervention in promoting healthy oral development.

Life Stages Impacted

The duo explores the various stages of life affected by tongue ties, spanning from infancy through adulthood. Providing valuable insights for both parents and healthcare professionals, the episode offers a wealth of information to navigate the multifaceted aspects of pediatric dentistry, oral health, and the profound impact tongue ties can have on feeding and overall well-being.

"Untangling Ties" is a captivating journey into the world of pediatric dentistry and oral health, revealing the profound impact of tongue ties on feeding and overall well-being. Whether you're a parent seeking guidance or a healthcare professional eager to broaden your knowledge, this episode offers a wealth of information presented with expertise and empathy. Join Dr. Poplin and Naiomi in this insightful exploration that promises to leave you with a deeper understanding of the crucial interplay between pediatric dentistry and lactation.

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