Breast Pain: Don’t Suffer in Silence

“When you’re going through something hard... Just because there’s not a way out doesn’t

mean there’s not a way through.”

-Tori Tso



What can I do if I am experiencing chronic pain while breastfeeding?!


If you've ever been through a super complex, stressful health issue... you know it can feel like you'll never be the same 😓. When this complex health issue is related to breastfeeding it's easy to become discouraged and give up.


In this episode I sat down with one of our patients, Tori Tso, to talk about her difficult journey through all the complications of mastitis and how close she was to end her breastfeeding journey (and not by choice).


Tori explains how she went from an easy breastfeeding experience to pain, swelling, fevers, needle aspirations, and ultimately surgery….all the way on the other side of the country!

Listen Now

Listen in to hear Tori share how she maneuvered through her breastfeeding challenges and ultimately had surgery and saved her breastfeeding relationship.



5:33 Abundant milk supply, blessing or a curse? 9:30 What to do when you discover a lump in your breast?

11:07 What to do when the lump gets bigger?

12:55 What if the lump doesn't go away with antibiotics?

15:03 Can you breastfeed with a breast infection?

18:07 Suffering in silence is not okay. What to do? 18:47 Are all lumps signs of a major problem?

24:59 Any resource guide relating to this issue?

26:48 What is a galactocele? 31:13 Tips to help heal from this trauma

32:34 If I'm not satisfied with my Physician's answer, can I go for a 2nd opinion?

36:43 Needle aspiration vs Incision & drainage 38:55 Are you allowed to nurse after the procedure?

40:55 Will there be scar tissue and inflammation? When will it heal?

45:10 Important advice to new mothers who are breastfeeding.

50:38 Don't suffer in silence, know where to seek solutions