Breaking the Stigma: Maternal Mental Health Matters

This month is mental health awareness month and we have a very special episode for you! Today, Naiomi is joined by Dr. Nichelle Hayes as they discuss perinatal mental health.

“There is no shame in receiving support for your mental health. When you do, everyone benefits. Taking care of yourself... You are the keystone of everyone else doing well and if you’re not doing well no one else is going to reach their potential. You matter and taking care of yourself is not a bad thing.”

-Dr. Nichelle Hayes

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In this episode, we break down a multitude of different factors that contribute to mental health as well as signs it may be time to seek out therapy. As a new parent, everything can feel extremely overwhelming, however, it's important to be able to spot the signs that what you’re feeling goes beyond overwhelming and your cup is going to pour over.


This episode covers amazing topics like how changing hormones can affect mental health, the difference between a change in hormones and postpartum depression, and tips on selecting the best mental health provider.


πŸ’Š We also discuss something that many of you may have questions about and can still feel like a difficult topic to discuss... medication for mental health. From when to start having a conversation about the possibility of medication to how medication can be used to temporarily “lift the fog” and help you see a way through your current struggle, Dr. Hayes shares some amazing insights into the potential risks and benefits of medication for mental health.


There are so many factors that affect you as a new parent and while this time will not be easy, it should be an experience you can enjoy! The months and years surrounding pregnancy and entry to motherhood can feel like a never-ending 🎒 rollercoaster.- if you or someone you know is in this season of life, this episode is filled with extremely valuable information, so please share this episode with them 😘 πŸ£πŸ’›

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3:14 Dr. Nichelle Hayes background 6:56 Difference between a Psychiatrist and a Counselor

9:54 Why seek someone who specializes in Pre-Natal? 14:54 How would someone know that it is time to get Therapy? 22:21 Explanation: Motivation, interest, and joy 26:41 What if you don't have the interest or motivation at that moment? 28:37 How to search for a Counselor? 32:59 What is it that causes a spike in Mental Health Change? 36:49 Does taking placenta capsules, make you feel less baby blues?

41:32 What is helpful and not helpful when screening a patient?

46:48 What is the one thing that our audience wants to know about Pre-natal Mental Health?


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