Black Breastfeeding Week..Is there really a need?


This year’s theme for Black Breastfeeding Week (#BBW): The Big Pause--Collective Rest for Collective Power provides an opportunity for mission-aligned brands to support Black women, birthing people and families by honoring the power of rest in breastfeeding, maternal health, and social justice outcomes. This year, after an unprecedented global pandemic and in solidarity with the multi-racial movement for Black lives, we honor rest as restorative and revolutionary for Black families. Furthermore, breastfeeding/body feeding is an important moment of rest in early motherhood that must be valued, not undermined.


While this is an amazing mission and organization its extremely unfortunate that many people do not know #BBW exists and even more people don't understand why there is a need for #BBW a black breastfeeding week. This short episode helps to answer the question, 'Why is there a need for Black Breastfeeding Week?'


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1:59 Why is there a Black Breastfeeding Week?

4:02 Breastfeeding and infant illness

10:13 Systemic racism

16:14 How can we support women of color so they can mother their children

18:08 At MilkDiva we help people fund their lactation consultation

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