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  • Naiomi Catron RNC, IBCLC

Why Would a Baby Need a Chiropractic Adjustment?

I know pediatric chiropractic adjustments can be controversial so I am bringing you an interview with an International Doctor of Chiropractic Care who just so happens to also be a Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Dr. Aurelie Petitclerc is a brilliant speaker, practitioner, mother and wife (whose husband I think secretly works for the CIA….gotta listen to the podcast to know why I think this:). Dr. Petitclerc brings over fifteen years of experience working with babies from around the world 🌏….which helps us see feeding issues related to tongue tie and body tension is not just an American fad.


  • Who is qualified to adjust infants?

  • What is involved when adjusting a baby?

  • How can you know who is qualified to adjust a baby?

  • Is Chiropractic care 'Crunchy' or does it really make a difference?

  • Why & When should a baby have chiropractic care? Before or After a Tonge-Tie release?

So if you or your family has steered away from looking into pediatric chiropractic care to help with feeding issues, I challenge you to listen to this highly regarded speaker most professionals pay 💰 to learn from! ➡️ Listen here! Below is Dr. Petitclerc demonstrating an adjustment on a baby (see video below⬇️).

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MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Please know that all opinions expressed on this podcast are solely my own and not intended to substitute the advise of a medical provider. I am not a medical doctor and all information shared is intended for your general knowledge and is geared towards full term, healthy singleton infants and healthy, low-risk pregnant or postpartum women.

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