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  • Naiomi Catron RNC, IBCLC

Six FREE, Low Cost, Safe Lactation Services Milk Diva is Offering

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

We are breaking theme in this month's Diva Diary Blog and instead of sending breastfeeding tips and education, we are discussing practical ways Milk Diva is supporting breastfeeding families AND providers. This article will discuss six (6) FREE, and low cost resources and services we are providing. Feel free to share this article with other providers and breastfeeding families anywhere in the U.S.

1. Up to Six FREE Lactation Visits

Milk Diva Lactation Services is now In-Network with Aetna which means patients can have up to SIX lactation consultations at no cost to them! No catch, just request an appointment here.

2. FREE Prenatal Breastfeeding Survival Guide

In an effort to prevent breastfeeding complications through evidence-based education, we are offering a 10 page PRENATAL breastfeeding survival guide .

3. Award-Winning Online

Birth and Breastfeeding Courses!

To be clear, these are not videos with my face or voice providing instruction. These courses are constantly updated with current recommendations from AAP, USCLA, and ACOG. A combination of digital animation, slides, real-life parent interviews and a library of tools and downloads are used to teach. To learn more about our courses click here or view a short video below.

4. FREE 30 Min. Mini Virtual Lactation Consultations

Patients can book their free, HIPAA compliant, virtual consultations here>>> and use discount code COVID. Free sessions will be offered until 4/30/2020. These sessions are intended to answer general breastfeeding questions, basic latch education and trouble-shooting, help with creating custom pumping plans, flange fitting, assessing appropriate intake & output and most importantly, providing accurate resources and education to ward-off misinformation. Here is a short video walking you through booking this appointment

5. Full Virtual Lactation Consultations

Milk Diva offers full lactation consultations virtually, which include 1 week of text/phone support, to help with all the questions that may come after our visit. Our consultations also include communicating our findings with your primary healthcare provider to help provide continuity of care (fancy words that mean we ensure things don't fall through the cracks). You may use your HSA/FSA card to pay for lactation consultations. Book your appointment here.

Take a tour of our office located in Wells Branch, TX (North Austin)

6. Private Newborn Weight-Checks

To minimize exposure to potentially harmful illnesses at a public clinic, Milk Diva is now offering 15 minute weight checks for newborns. These short visits include a basic newborn health assessment, including 24 hour input & output count, and weight on our Marsden Scale (accurate to 2 grams). This information will be faxed to the provider the same day, through our HIPAA compliant EMR (Electronic Medical Records system).

Our office has significantly less traffic than most provider offices and is sanitized between each visit, which can be a great alternative to visiting a clinic. At no time during a visit will a patient be exposed to anyone other than Naiomi (who will be wearing a mask and gloves). Each visit will cost $20 and can be charged to FSA/HSA card. Patients may book appointments at Milk Diva will be serving patients from 9a-6pm M-F and have some Saturday hours. All assessments will be performed by Naiomi Catron RNC-OB, IBCLC.

In Summary

1. Get up to Six FREE Consultations with Aetna insurance.

2. Claim your FREE 10+ page Prenatal Breastfeeding Survival Guide.

3. Register for a Online Prenatal Course.

4. Request your FREE 30 min. Mini Virtual Consultation (use code "COVID"), Until 4/30/2020

5. Take Advantage of our Full Virtual Lactation Consultation.

6. Schedule Your Private Newborn Weight-Check.

In addition to these offerings we have updated our illness policy and will continue to heed the advice of the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics. See our updated illness policy.

Visit to learn more.

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