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  • Naiomi Catron RNC, IBCLC

Should I Hire a Doula?

Okay friend, the clip below is not appropriate for children and it is a grossly inaccurate portrayal of the role of a doula…. but it is 🤣 HELLA FUNNY!

In this month's episode [17] titled, “Should I Hire a Doula?” I interview one of Austin's top Doulas', Brenda Marlin and we talk about all the thing that are wrong with this clip and MUCH MUCH More!

So if you want to learn how you can be prepared for birth, breastfeeding and all the sleepless nights that may come, check out this episode.

➡️ Even better, If you had to learn all these lessons the hard way, show some 💕 and share this with your pregnant 🤰🏽friends.


In this month's episode of Birth, Babies & Boob Business, we educate parents & professionals on why they might choose to work with a Doula, how to select a Doula and when they should start their search. We also discuss different kinds our doulas and what exactly they do.


4:37 How has Doula care evolved over the past 20 years?

9:32 What is the role of the postpartum Doula?

12:15 What a Doula is, and what is not?

16:10 The importance of having a Doula.

19:06 When should you start looking for a Doula?

20:57 How do you find a Doula?

26:26 Organizations that offer free or low-cost Doula services.

34:13 What does a Doula do during a delivery?

41:09 "If I'm planning for a C-Section, am I a good candidate for a birth Doula?"

45:39 "If I have a postpartum Doula, do they serve as my Lactation Consultant?"

47:08 What should you look for in your Doula?

…..On a side note, I would LOVE to know who else has watched the GOOD GIRLS series on Netflix 📺 🤣


And here's something special for your pregnant friends ⤵️

In an effort to help more women in our community have the opportunity to breastfeed we have just launched our Milk Diva Gives Back program. Our goal is to support our Austin community by providing extremely low-cost, high-quality, lactation support to families facing financial hardship.

Please consider donating towards, Nurturing and Nourishing Our Future Generation by visiting:


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