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  • Naiomi Catron RNC, IBCLC

Preeclampsia - Everything You Need To Know With Dr. Crystal Berry-Roberts

I beg you to take a moment and fully read the contents of this message….it could help save a person's life. May is preeclampsia awareness month! Preeclampsia is a serious health problem for pregnant women around the world. It affects 2 to 8 percent of pregnancies worldwide. Preeclampsia occurs in about 1 out of 25 pregnancies in the United States and is the cause of 15 percent (about 3 in 20) of premature births*. This episode is a conversation with Board Certified Obstetrician, Dr. Crystal Berry-Roberts, where we discuss how we can work TOGETHER as a community, to PREVENT THE LOSS OF LIFE related to preeclampsia. There are so many “drop the mic" 🎤 moments in this episode, that I lost count. Dr. Berry-Roberts discusses the details surrounding how we can help identify some of the less obvious signs & symptoms of preeclampsia. She also gives us actionable steps we can take that can save lives.

In this week's Birth, Babies & Boob Business by Milk Diva, podcast episode…

My special guest and I call out flaws in our healthcare system and share real-life scenarios that highlight barriers to getting QUALITY, ROUTINE, and PRENATAL CARE (which is vital to preventing death in pregnancy & postpartum). Make sure you listen through to the end where you will hear Dr. Berry-Roberts challenge health care providers to make one specific change in their practice. She also does an amazing job of highlighting the importance of welcoming the presence of community-based birth workers. This is a MUST LISTEN & MUST SHARE episode! This episode is ESPECIALLY important for pregnant people, nurses, healthcare providers, and birth workers. So please share and help save a life.


👏👏👏👏 🎩 Hat's off to my special guest, Dr. Berry-Roberts for speaking out and offering a transparent perspective on obstetric care in our community!


Here's a little breakdown of what's in this episode:

Chapters: 3:14 Guest credentials 7:22 What is Preeclampsia?

9:18 What is elevated blood pressure? 14:58 What are the risks of Preeclampsia 20:32 What are the treatment options? 25:10 What protects pregnant women from seizures? 29:46 What can I do with my health and lifestyle

to prevent Preeclampsia? 37:12 What do pregnant women need

to watch out for? 41:34 Preeclampsia and postpartum 48:03 Why some people are resistant to treatment? 52:51 Dr. Berry-Roberts Call to Action for providers 56:18 Preeclampsia resource 57:18 Dr. Berry-Roberts takes us to church and closing remarks This would be a great episode to share ↪️

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Bonus Resources on Preeclampsia:


Your support is everything…please share 📩 with your favorite birth-worker or parent friend


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