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Baby Toots, Poop, Spit-up, and Food Allergies

Is your baby constantly 😭 crying, won’t sleep, has major 🤮 spit-up or weird 💩 poop, yet it feels like no one can offer you sound, consistent, evidence-based advice?

🥦 Have you considered removing gassy foods from your diet like broccoli or cauliflower?… or what about dairy and 🥛 🌾 wheat?

🛑✋ WAIT!!!! STOP!!

On this month's podcast, I have a super special guest…drum roll please🥁… Pediatric Registered Dietitian and Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, Robyn Price focuses on helping parents solve their baby’s gas, reflux, and colic problems in the “baby-led” way using her unique background by helping both mom’s diet and baby’s feeding.

🎤 Listen in to learn some major do's and don'ts when trying to figure out how to tackle your baby's tummy troubles.

So, before you start switching your diet or feeling freaked 😩 out that there is something super wrong with you or your baby, please take a deep breath, grab a coffee ☕️ and listen in as Robyn spills the tea on all things baby poop, gas, and diet.



Robyn Price on Breastfeeding and Food allergies

4:39 What is a Pediatric RD?

8:26 What does a Pediatric RD do? 12:20 What are the top factors that can contribute to a gassy baby? 15:50 What are the symptoms of food allergies in babies?

21:05 Can manual therapy help with baby tummy troubles? 23:38 Truth about food allergies from a Registered Dietitian 31:04 Will gassy foods cause gas in my baby? 34:13 Elimination diet do's & don't's

40:39 What is Root Cause Remedy Class?

Robyn Price, RD, CBS



Free Guide to Sensitivity Signs

Root Cause Remedy Class:


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