About Mary Kay

Breastfeeding can come with a variety of challenges
and I want to walk through them with you.


Uncomplicated, Flexible, Evidence Based Care Complimented by 30+ Years of Lactation Experience 

With nearly 30 years as a lactation consultant, I’ve learned a few things about new and growing families: they don’t get any sleep, life is chaotic and they don’t have time for complicated, rigid instructions that don’t fit their lifestyle. I will work with you on a plan of care that not only meets the needs of your baby, but also works for your family. I strive to listen to what is important to you and we build our plan from there.

Over the years I’ve worked with families experiencing a wide variety of problems from too much or too little milk to painful, damaged nipples, babies with special needs and women wishing to induce lactation or re-lactate. I have had special training in suck problems and specialize in babies with tongue ties, working with parents to bring these babies to full, comfortable breastfeeding. 

I am a mother of two lovely ladies named Clair and Cait and am also a Grandma and there is nothing I love more than working with families and their babies.

I’ve wanted to be a nurse who worked with moms and babies since I was 8 years old. I was side-tracked in high school when my English teacher opened up the world of writing to me. I worked as a journalist at the Dallas Morning News, and was an editor at United Press International when my first daughter was born.


The birth was difficult—an emergency Cesarean —and people in masks and gowns were flying around the room dumping instruments on tables, putting monitors on me, and all the while I was sobbing, scared to death little Claire wouldn’t make it. Suddenly, I felt my labor nurse, Pat, grab my hand and hold on. It was such comfort in the middle of such chaos. After Claire and I recovered, I knew I wanted to be someone’s “Pat” someday. I returned to school and have had a rewarding 35-year career in obstetrical (OB) nursing. I hope I have been more than one new mother’s “Pat.” I’m also proud to be in my 30th year as an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant. It is exciting and humbling to play a role in helping families bloom. It is my calling.

Mary Kay Rybiski, BSN, RN, IBCLC

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