About Christen

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Evidence based care combined with compassion and love

Hi! My name is Christen R. Bettis. I am a mother to a lovely young lady. Through the journey of pregnancy, child bearing, and breastfeeding my faith was ignited! This led me down the wonderful and mysterious world of women’s services. My journey began in 2011 when I became a licensed massage therapist, certified in pregnancy massage and labor support. I then began to ascend the path towards becoming a lactation consultant. In 2017, I gratefully and humbly achieved International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) status. Since then I have had the privilege and honor of assisting hundreds of families in meeting their infant feeding and breastfeeding goals.


As a Lactation Consultant and Body Worker my goal is to provide evidence based information

combined with compassion and love to help determine and meet your feeding needs and goals.


I especially enjoy the opportunity, when possible, to meet prenatally to get to know one another, answer questions, and do preliminary exam and paper work in order to prepare for your big day. Regardless of the timing of our visit, I desire to come into your feeding routine with fresh eyes and a strategic approach to help make a feeding plan that works for you and your family. I desire to best serve the health and vitality of your little one(s) and yourself as momma. I will always uphold your providers recommendations, and we will work together around any and all circumstances to make a plan that works for you.


These are your goals, and I am here to help you meet them through support and education. Whether things are going great and you just have questions or there's still some work to do before things level out, I am here for you. Breastfeeding can come with a variety of challenges and I want to walk through them with you. I’m looking forward to meeting with you soon! :)

Christen R. Bettis, LMT, IBCLC